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South Park Health Service District Technology Accessibility Statement

The South Park Health Service District (the “District”) is fully committed to providing accessible channels of communication to all members of the public. As part of this commitment, the District’s website is compatible with the State’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). All features of the District’s website are coded to allow individuals with vision and other impairments to understand and use the website to the same degree as someone without disabilities.

If you need any special assistance or accommodations, please contact us: or 720-345-0300

Compliance Procedures

The District regularly scans its website to ensure ongoing compliance and make changes to any inaccessible material.

Report an Accessibility Issue

The District is committed to your ability to access all content. If the format of any material on this website interferes with your ability to access information, please report the accessibility issue or submit a request for accommodation or modification via email:, or via the contact form below. The District is committed to timely responding to all reports and requests within five business days.

Linked Documents and Third Parties

Please note that this site may link out to third-party websites that may not have accessible content. This site may also include documents provided by third parties. While the District cannot control the accessibility of content provided by third parties, the District is happy to assist any member of the public with reading and accessing content on our site.

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